Wellcome to Pedagogy & Lifestyle Blog!

Hi there! My name is Bojana Marković, and this is Pedagogy & Lifestyle Blog. As the name suggests, this blog will be dedicated to expressing my personal and professional opinions on a variety of topics that revolve around parenting, education, family, home, and lifestyle, as I can’t help but see all these areas of life as connected. Pedagogy & Lifestyle Blog will offer expert opinions on currently popular parenting & lifestyle topics, as well as some honest, raw, personal stories from an ordinary life of a fellow struggling mom.

I want to introduce myself, but I’m having trouble determining all the things that “I am” right now. First, I am a mother to a tender, yet exceptionally energetic, 11 month-old girl, to whom I will be referring to as “N”. N. and I have been a team for almost a year now, and, although we are no different from most mother-daughter duos, she is my life and will be a part of this blog. The second thing “I am” is a wife to an exceptional man, to whom I will refer to as “D”. D. and I have spent 6 years together. He is many things, as I often feel he never sleeps, but above all, a partner in best and worst. The family is important to me. Ours, mine, his. I am definitely a type of person who puts family priorities first, and this causes a lot of issues I will be discussing here.

Professionally, I am a few months away from gaining a Master degree in Pedagogy. For those who don’t know, Pedagogy is a science that studies pedagogical processes, such as raising and education. This means that my interests include children, family, parenting, raising, education and social work. It is a wide field of interests, I know.

Personally, I have several hobbies, which include reading, freelance writing, movies and TV shows. Hey, when you work hard, you play hard right? I am also a freelance writer, and I will sometimes share my thoughts on the matters of literature and writing as well. I am extremely excited to be publishing daily, and I hope that there will be some of you who will be interested in reading my posts and becoming a part of my PG Family! Family comes first, remember?



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